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Bio Enhancer Feed Additives for Cattle Breeding

The Benefits of ABG Bio Enhancer:

1. Increase feed conversion ratio
2. Reduce the husbandry time of animals in the fence, and increase growth rate
3. Reduce the demand for minerals and salt
4. Enhance animal resistance to stress 1. Increase feed conversion ratio
2. Reduce the husbandry time of animals in the fence, and increase growth rate
3. Reduce the demand for minerals and salt
4. Enhance animal resistance to stress

What is ABG Bio Enhancer ?

ABG Bio Enhancer is the essence of organic matter formed cumulatively over sixty million of years, being the end result of long years of accumulation of the substantial diatoms, as found in freshwater marshes, together with the other decomposed organisms, which have now developed into weathered coal based humic acid that can be mined in the surface of the earth.In the course of generation of weather coal based humic acid, after the original organic humus have been decomposed by bacteria and microorganisms, condensing the plant cellulose into a highly-activated reactive hydrocarbon, it can be used to improve carbon nutrients and promote absorption to achieve nutritional balance, which by itself can be likened to a mass of large composting.

Organic humus originates from the ancient freshwater marsh, and it is the biological activity which has contributed to the decomposition of organic matter, resulting in the formation of microbial residues, and when such nutrient-rich materials are taken into the animals’ gastrointestinal, some of the cellulose together with the food ingredients will be broken down rapidly.ABG Bio Enhancer, apart from being natural substances, also contains high content of humic acid, and as such is most suitable to be used as animal feed additive.

Product specifications and Precautions

ABG Bio Enhancer is a natural fine-powder product, rich in biological non-heme iron, nitrogen and other minerals, which is very suitable as feed additive for cattle ranching.Packing: Advanced barrels, 25 kg or 200 kg per barrel

Physical characteristics: free flow black brown powder substance, odorless, suitable for all kinds of animals as a feed additive.

Product grade: advancedUsage: auxiliary animal feed additive, complementary biological iron, nitrogen and other minerals to reduce the foul smell of animal waste.

Dosage: for each tonne of feed add 2kg weight of ABG Bio Enhancer

Merely used as additive: ABG Bio Enhancer can only be used as additives, not as sole animal feed.

No animal prote: ABG Bio Enhancer is a 100% natural product, completely free of animal proteinStorage : store in a cool dry place.

The mechanism of ABG Bio Enhancer?

ABG Bio Enhancer is by itself an acidic substance, which if consumed by animal Into its gastrointestinal tract, helps promote the natural disintegration of organic matter by the acidic substance.

In a modern rural pasture, where there is high-protein, high-nitrogen, and even nitrate toxicity, its environment contains too high density of nitrogen material which has resulted in serious imbalance of the carbon and nitrogen proportion. Although carbon is a major component of cellulose, but the animal itself does not use carbon as its basic cells composition.

By adding natural carbon additive into feed, converting the fixed carbon into carbon cells will greatly reduce the energy required, and as a result thereof, the total amount of food needed for feeding will diminish. If there is excessive nitrogen, it will produce nitrosamines, which is a known cancerous-caused carcinogen. In addition, the ranch will have too much odorous ammonia and amines, mainly due to the inability and inadequacy in the manner of disposing of animal nitrogen waste.

By increasing carbon-nitrogen ratio in feed ingredients, feed conversion rate will increase, and the demand for food will be accordingly reduced, which will render quick weight increases. If an animal gains its weight faster, the time it spends at the ranch will be accordingly shorter, which can save up to 30% of its feeding time.

Our ABG Bio Enhancer contains colloid that has high cation exchange ability, which will enhance the absorptive capacity of mineral nutrients. If the mixture of minerals can be isolated and attached strongly to the body of organic humic acid gel, then the efficiency of the animal’s gastrointestinal absorption of food will definitely be improved, potash is also able to maintain a high degree of activation in order to facilitate the digestion of animal.

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