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Bio Enhancer Feed Additives for feeding Turkey and Ostrich

ABG Bio Enhancer for feeding turkey and ostrich

The main ingredients of ABG Bio Enhancer is humic acid and fulvic acid that contain a lot of mineral nutrients and trace elements required by ostrich and turkey, which also include, among others, the natural form of mineral chelates such as copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and many other trace elements.

The existence of ABG Bio Enhancer in the feed would supplement the nonabsorbent or lack of certain trace minerals in the terrestrial plants feed, and to improve feed efficiency of ostrich and turkey.It is an acknowledged fact that the humic acid content in the ABG Bio Enhancer is a substance that can help promote the health and digestibility of ostrich and turkey. And our product also contains fulvic acid, which are electrolytes that can produce cells balance. ABG Bio Enhancer has detoxifying effects which can help birds maintain their proper immune system functioning.

Actual experience case study by scholars and farmers


By adding the ABG BIO ENHANCER into ostrich feed, it is discovered that the development of baby ostrich plumage grows particularly fast, the mother ostrich eggshell also demonstrate consistent good-quality look, and the yolk becomes more solid, and the percentage of ostrich eggs being incubated successfully has increased.

One farmer in his report also states that those ostriches of his suffers from soft foot disease were also cured. This disease is particularly common in long-legged birds such as ostriches. The cause of it is because the baby ostriches’ tendons and muscles tend to grow faster than the skeletal development in their feet, resulting in the phenomenon of clubfoot.

Before this farmer resorted to the use of ABG Bio Enhancer, 5% of the ostriches he reared had the symptoms of soft foot disease, but ever since adopting the ABG Bio Enhancer, the baby ostriches’ bone cell growth rate have been able to keep up with the muscle growth rate, the incidence of soft foot disease has fallen to 0.5%, rendering it to become a minor problem.

Cassowary (similar to Ostrich)

A farmer breeding cassowaries has, due to the market price slump, decided to replace the original cassowaries’ feed with the lower-priced substitutes of millet class. As he was about to change into a new feed formula, the general health condition of his cassowaries was ranked between poor to moderate, due also to the summer which had caused the poor conditions of cassowary feathers and skin.

However, when the farmers added the ABG Bio Enhancer into the ostrich feed for 60 days, the health of his cassowaries improved tremendously, their feathers became plump, and its colors brighter. During the dried hot summer, the female cassowaries will have to wait until the late autumn to begin a new round of breeding cycle, but ever since adding the ABG Bio Enhancer into the feed, the result has become different, the female cassowaries have started the breeding cycle in hot mid-September, signifying good health of cassowaries as they must be in excellent health conditions in order to start a phenomenon of early reproductive cycle.

By adding the ABG Bio Enhancer into the cassowaries feed will promote the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Mixing the ABG Bio Enhancer into cattle feed will increase 16% of the conversion of skeletal effects of calcium, the cassowary farmers share the similar experience of reducing the incidence of soft foot disease in the birds.

Cassowary and ostrich is similar in size, both are large birds with long legs, and the cause of soft foot disease is due to the fact that the birds’ body growth rate is faster than the bone growth and calcification rate, so that the feet are overloaded with the body weight.But if at this point, the birds are fed with the ABG Bio Enhancer in their feed, which is rich in minerals and trace elements, it help will promote the growth of the birds’ bones and bone calcification, the ABG Bio Enhancer has also the effect of balancing the growth rate between the bones and muscle, thus preventing the occurrence of soft foot disease symptoms.


By supplementing 1% of Bio Enhancer into the turkey’s feed, it is discovered that the fat layer in the turkey’s abdomen has been significantly reduced, but if the dosage of ABG Bio Enhancer is reduced to 0.5%, the result will not be so significant. Similarly, by applying 0.5% ABG Bio Enhancer into chicken feed, observing a similar experiment, there is no significant improvement in reducing the thickness of the abdominal fat of chicken.

2-4% of the ABG Bio Enhancer is added into the turkey feed to prevent the suppression of growth due to the non-suitability of feed.

By mixing the turkey diets with ABG Bio Enhancer, in the 8 to 12 weeks of age, the turkey’s weight gain and feed conversion will increase (P <0.05), when the same ABG Bio Enhancer is added to chicken feed for the same test, it is found that the mortality rates of chickens fell as much as 3 to 5%. Based on the aforesaid experiment, it supports the fact that ABG Bio Enhancer can reduce mortality of chickens.

Many turkey breeders have suggested that turkeys which are fed with ABG Bio Enhancer record better and faster growth are quieter and gentler. Further the occurrence of turkeys suffering from open feet syndrome and symptoms of toe dislocation have also reduced, and the production of better looking quality turkey eggs has also increased.

The ABG Bio Enhancer can improve the turkeys’ cells immune system after they have been fed low crude protein. By adding 0,5,10 g of Bio Enhancer in the turkey feed in order to study its effect on the fatty acids, amino acids, bacteria and microbes in the gastrointestinal tract and the conclusion is that the ABG Bio Enhancer may affect the number of microbial flora, promote digestion and improve absorption efficiency of the turkey’s gastrointestinal and cecum.


Add 3 kg of ABG Bio Enhancer in every one thousand kg of Ostrich or Turkey feed.

Can only be used as an additive ABG Bio Enhancer can only be used as a natural additive, not a sole animal feed

It does not contain protein ABG Bio Enhancer is a 100% natural product and does not contain animal protein

Storage method please store in a cool dry place reachable by sun light

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