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Bio Enhancer Feed Additives for fish and prawns

ABG Bio Enhancer in prawns and fish farming

ABG Bio Enhancer is mined from 75 million year-old plants, formed into compost through decaying process, which after a long period of time thoroughly decomposed into glial-like weathered lignite, and which by itself contains 30% water-soluble fulvic acid and 70% humic acid, and other water-insoluble humus.

Humic acid is more important in aquaculture, but different variety of ABG Bio Enhancer has vast difference in terms of quality.

Good quality ABG Bio Enhancer should not only contain a high percentage of humic acid, but also rich in high oxygen content enzyme and quinoline, and our humic acid is able to meet the requirements of this standard. Another point to note pertains to the size of the molecular weight of humic acid, the more the molecular weight increases, the lesser will be the ion exchange capacity.Generally high oxygen-type humic acid has smaller molecular weight, and accordingly higher ion exchange capacity, and as such the degree of its biological activity is also more active. Because only the lower molecular weight can penetrate the cell membrane in order to transport nutrients into cells. Humic acid can penetrate through some low-quality cells and tissues, stimulating the cells to provide higher energy, the end result are to promote the growth of fish.

The main reasons why aquaculture farmers use humic acid

1. Acidification of water quality, reduce the pH value.
2. To make undesirable ions such as sodium bicarbonate in the pond water, become more permeable and more suitable for fish survival.
3. To reduce the fish’s oppression.
4. To strengthen fish eggs membrane and its skin to resist parasite penetration.
5. To improve water quality, which makes it suitable for the production and development of eggs and embryosIt has a buffering capacity of water, to maintain an ideal pH
6. It has absorbing function, chelating the heavy toxic metals in water.
7. it contains many nutrients, minerals and trace elements needed for the growth and development of fish

Promote growth and metabolism, improve feed conversion rate

Adding ABG Bio Enhancer into fish and shrimps feed brings a lot of useful benefits to the health and growth of the fish and shrimps because humic acid can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and mold, which in turn, can reduce the chances of infection caused by mycotoxin.

ABG Bio Enhancer can improve the efficiency of protein digestion of fish and shrimp, and make full use of the calcium contained in humic acid and a wide variety of trace elements. Humic acid can improve the overall health of fish and shrimps and promote the absorption of nutrients, and enhance the immunity of fish and shrimps against disease.

Enhance the ability to digest and absorb

Not only will humic acid improve the digestion of fish and shrimp, its chelating features can maintain the best pH value in the body, the result is the reduction in nitrogen in the solid waste, and the improvement in fish pond quality.

Once fish and shrimp improve on their feed digestion, their stomach and overall health will certainly achieve better conditions, the improved feed conversion ratio will also increase the economic benefits of fishing owners.

Apart from that, the reduction of solid nitrogen and the improvement of water quality will also reduce the use of de acidification agent as well as lowering cost and time in land preparation and pool exposure.

Absorption and absorption resistance

When humic acid polymer together with the feed are ingested by fish and shrimp into their gastrointestinal tract, the function of absorption and anti-re absorption begin to play its role, the main class of cations such as protein toxins and toxic substances will be solidified, because the food has been completely digested, the phenomenon of toxins being reabsorbed will become lesser, such toxins may even be excreted from the body with the feces. The adsorption of humic acid is not just the physical and chemical reactions, but at the same time reaches into a complicated ion exchange function, which is more enhanced than a purely physical adsorption function.


1. Help maintaining pressure control of fish pond after transport stress.

2. To increase production of eggs and to improve the hatching rate.

3. Can improve the water quality in pond and fish tank In the short period of time

4. The 30% fulvic acid in ABG Bio Enhancer is a natural water-soluble humic substance, which is able to produce a simulation of the natural ecological environment water quality, most suitable for fish survival.

5. To inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold for the protection of small eggs

6. To ensure in a natural manner the stability of water quality, to enhance fish immunity, and to reduce the probability of sickness incidence of fish in pond.

7. To encourage the growth and metabolism of fish

8. To improve the reproductive function of fish, increase its production, so as to reduce farming costsTo improve the stress adaptation of fish due to transfer of fishing pond

9. Stimulate the colour and brightness of fish and shrimps and to ensure their healthy growth

10. The fulvic acid contained in ABG Bio Enhancer can inhibit the local hemorrhage and inflammation of fish body surface, and prevent the scales from falling off.

11. Its release of humic acid and fulvic acid is slow, thus able not to change the pH quality immediately, maintaining the water’s acid base balance.It can form a protective effect for the eggs and seedlings, and increase the hatching success rate of seedlings.

12. To increase daily weight gain, improving on feed conversion and feed return rate.

13. To improve the overall health of fish and shrimp, enhance immunity and disease resistance, to maintain the energy of fish and its resistance towards stress due to post-harvest transport xvi.

14. Fulvic acid has natural treatment ability on fish skin infected by parasite xvii.

15. Fulvic acid can be used as a natural protective agent of disease, preventing initial infection.It can reduce fish disease and the incidence of secondary infections.It has detoxification effect on harmful metals and chemical substances in the water.

Increase resistance effect

ABG Bio Enhancer has the effect of stabilizing the development of flora in the gastrointestinal tract of fish and shrimp, and enhances the probability of digestion and absorption of nutrients, and improves feed efficiency, increase fish catches, but the relative consumption of feed does not increase. ABG Bio Enhancer is a pure natural product, by mixing it to the feed of fish and shrimp can eradicate the leftover possibility caused by traditional antibiotics residues and does not cause microbial resistance problems. Another result due to increased feed efficiency is the enhancement of the fish’s digestion and absorption of nitrogen, and accordingly the nitrogen content in the solid waste will reduce and the water quality will also improve.

Effect of microbial interaction

The European and American aquaculture scholars have long known that humic acid can stimulate microbial activity in aquatic fish, by adding ABG Bio Enhancer into fish and shrimp feed will stimulate the microbial activity within the body, thus contributing to the growth of fish and shrimp. Besides, the European and American scholars also have noted that there is a special kind of function of humic acid to inhibit the microbial activity, “in the body of fish and shrimp, humic acid seems to be able to stimulate beneficial organisms, and also to distinguish and inhibit harmful microorganisms.”

Laminated mucosa and convergence effect

ABG Bio Enhancer can form a protective film on the mucus epithelial cells in the gastrointestinal tract of fish and shrimp to prevent infection of toxins. Besides, the large colloidal humic acid structure can ensure the mucous membrane of the fish’s stomach and internal organs, the surrounding capillaries, and the damaged mucus cells do not get hurt. The result is the re-absorption, apart from the reduction, or the complete shut-out, of toxic metabolites. Such phenomenon yields more significant result on fish and shrimp which have been infected by harmful feed, or those which have just been fed new feed.

The humic acid in ABG Bio Enhancer contains fulvic acid, fulvic acid has lower molecular weight, in addition to containing humic acid it also contains nucleic acid, amino acid inositol, polysaccharides and etc, such active substances have a high physiological activity towards biological life, and as such can promote the growth of beneficial microbes and unicellular algae, while the growth of these organisms can increase the amount of water dissolved oxygen, and also to provide a natural food source for fish and shrimp. In China’s Jiangxi Province, 0.5% humic acid is added in the feed for testing on chain grass and carp fish, the weight gain has increased by 17.6% and 24.3% as compared to the control group, the survival rate has also increased by 15%, and no record of dead fish was reported during the testing period.

By adding fulvic acid to feed tilapia, can help increase tilapia weight gain, reduce material consumption, as fulvic acid is both a good nutrient and growth hormone in fish, thereby improving the utilization of food. The eel aquaculture yield was 16.3%, by adding fulvic acid into shrimp feed can improve the feed conversion rate of 12.5% -15.8%, increase growth rate from 8.3% to 14.6% and both the mortality and morbidity rate reduced by 50%.

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