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A New Generation of Organic Fertilisers

High Carbon Fertilisers for Plant and Fruit growth

The benefits of plant performance delivered by soil carbon have been long known, and apart from significant fast climate change and limitation of the availability of water, have been of great affect to ancient civilisations and modern indigenous groups today.

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Bio Enhancer Feed Additives for Cattle Breeding

ABG Bio Enhancer is the essence of organic matter formed cumulatively over sixty million of years, being the end result of long years of accumulation of the substantial diatoms, as found in freshwater marshes, together with the other decomposed organisms, which have now developed into weathered coal based humic acid that can be mined in the surface of the earth.

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Bio Enhancer Feed Additives for Pig Breeding

The main ingredients of ABG Bio Enhancer is humic acid and fulvic acid, which contain many minerals and trace elements needed for the growth of pigs, including the natural form of mineral chelates such as copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and many other trace elements. By adding the ABG Bio Enhancer into the feed can help make up for the lack or non-absorbent of certain trace minerals found in terrestrial plants, and to improve feed efficiency of pigs.

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Bio Enhancer Feed Additives for Prawns and Fish farming

Generally high oxygen-type humic acid has smaller molecular weight, and accordingly higher ion exchange capacity, and as such the degree of its biological activity is also more active. Because only the lower molecular weight can penetrate the cell membrane in order to transport nutrients into cells. Humic acid can penetrate through some low-quality cells and tissues, stimulating the cells to provide higher energy, the end result are to promote the growth of fish.

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Bio Enhancer Feed Additives for feeding Ostrich and Turkey

It is an acknowledged fact that the humic acid content in the ABG Bio Enhancer is a substance that can help promote the health and digestibility of ostrich and turkey. And our product also contains fulvic acid, which are electrolytes that can produce cells balance. ABG Bio Enhancer has detoxifying effects which can help birds maintain their proper immune system functioning.

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