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ABG Bio Enhancer for feeding pigs

The main ingredients of ABG Bio Enhancer is humic acid and fulvic acid, which contain many minerals and trace elements needed for the growth of pigs, including the natural form of mineral chelates such as copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and many other trace elements. By adding the ABG Bio Enhancer into the feed can help make up for the lack or non-absorbent of certain trace minerals found in terrestrial plants, and to improve feed efficiency of pigs.

It is an acknowledged fact that ABG Bio Enhancer which contains 70% of the humic acid is a component that can promote the internal organ health of pigs and aid its digestion, and our humic acid also contains 30% fulvic acid, which is also an electrolyte that can produce cells balance. ABG Bio Enhancer has detoxifying function which can help the pigs maintain the proper running of their body immune systems.

The strengths of ABG Bio Enhancer

1. Non-toxic.
2. By itself an organic feed additive.
3. To promote the pig’s barrier function against the germs in the healthy intestines.
4. To help lift the heavy metal toxins.
5. To maintain a healthy immune system, assist the natural selfprotection of pigs.
6. It contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements.
7. To increase the pigs’ daily weight gain

Results of experiments on piglets

The experiment outcome of the application of ABG Bio Enhancer into pig feed in different environments around the world has yielded consistent good results both in the growth of both piglets and pigs.

By experimenting the use of ABG Bio Enhancer into pig feed for a period of 0 to 28 days, and to the 0-to-14-day weaning piglets’ feed, the experiment results show that the piglets which consumed raw humic acid powders record faster growth and higher meat conversion rate, and having lesser problems in diarrhea illnesses as compared to the control group.

The piglets that underwent the experiment during this period, have respectively recorded an increase in their weight of between 1.6 to 2.0 pounds extra. It is discovered from the experiment of adding the ABG Bio Enhancer into the feed of piglets that the piglets record weight increase of 2 pounds.

Based on the above experiment, the performance of piglets in respect of weight gain is consistent, their weight increase are generally and averagely higher by as much as 0.9 to 3.4 pounds than the control group which does not use ABG Bio Enhancer.


ABG Bio Enhancer can absorb the toxic released in the pig feed and intestines, making it a detoxifying substance.

Promote the health status of the internal organs of pigs.

Stimulate the development of piglet’s digestion during the weaning period.

Strengthen the ability and capacity of the newly weaned piglets to digest and absorb solid feed

ABG Bio Enhancer is an excellent source of iron for pigs, and is a good supplement to the lack of iron in breast milk of pigImprove the overall health performance of piglets after weaning.

Reduce the overall number of poor-growth piglets.

To increase weaning weight.

To increase the average daily weight gain of piglets before weaning.

To increase the body weight of piglets after 28 days of weaning.

As an odor control for pig industry

The experiment results on grown finished pigs

By adding the ABG Bio Enhancer into pig feed for the consumption of 180-pound to-be-slaughtered pigs, it is discovered that these pigs record an average weight increase of 2.4 pounds compared to the control group, and when ABG Bio Enhancer is given to the 50 pounds to-be-slaughtered pigs, each of them records a weight increase of 5 pounds averagely more than the control group.

The most significant improvement is recorded by the experiment carried out by Aki Corporation, who applied the ABG Bio Enhancer into the pig feed of weaning the piglets till the age they were to be slaughtered at about 168 day, each of the pigs recorded an average of weight increase of 9 pounds as compared to the control group. Based on the above data, the application of ABG Bio Enhancer into pig feed has cumulative effects, the longer the time it is applied, the more significant the weight gain will be, and such weight gain effect will be more obvious at the later stage of its use.

The cause of daily weight gain of pigs

ABG Bio Enhancer contains a higher percentage of carbon, humic acid, fulvic acid, organic matter, and more than 70 mineral elements. One of its most important functions is to promote the bacteria microbial activity in the pigs’ gastrointestinal tracts, which will then help break down food more effectively, and to encourage the absorption of nutrients. The following points will describe the response of pigs after consuming the ABG Bio Enhancer feed additive:

1) The ABG Bio Enhancer that is ingested into the pig gastrointestinal tract contains high percentage of digested carbon, which can increase the number of microbial activity, and enables the food to be digested in a more comprehensive manner, and therefore from the same amount of food more nutrients can be absorbed. From our observation we notice that pigs fed with a dose of our ABG Bio Enhancer secrete less foul smell waste, and the waste is broken down into small particles. The most logical inference is that the nitrogenous compounds in the waste have been absorbed by the carbon, creating the formation of new protein complexes.

2) The ABG Bio Enhancer contains a wide variety of organic acids, which can effectively break down food particles in the pig stomach, such organic acid will promote the release of digestive enzyme, which in turn can ensure a more effective food digestion and nutrient absorption, resulting in the improvement of swine feed conversion ratio, shortened fattening period, and lower costs.

3) The harvested ABG Bio Enhancer is formed some 7500 million years ago, offers various trace elements which are no longer found in today’s soil and pig feed, it can help enhance the overall immune system of pigs, in order to resist the invasion of the disease and stress, thereby reducing the mortality rate of pigs, and veterinary medical costs.

The effects of ABG Bio Enhancer to weaning piglets

Weaning is the most depressing times for a pig’s life cycle, it is not only a tremendous change to its social and physical environment, but the composition of its food diet is also completely changed. Newly weaned piglets which have recently received solid feed often have problems adjusting and adapting to the new feed, which leads to the consequences of malnutrition.

In order to reduce the impact of the pressure the weaning piglets are undergoing, the ABG Bio Enhancer is added to the feed both before and after weaning, to encourage the piglets to consume solid dry feed and stimulate the development of intestinal digestion. In fact, the mixture of ABG Bio Enhancer, which are rich in minerals and trace elements, into the piglet diets is a rather new attempt, and it is discovered that ABG Bio Enhancer has brought many good benefits on the piglets such as:

ABG Bio Enhancer contains a lot of easily fermented fine fibres and other substances, which can stimulate the growth of certain specific bacteria within the digestive tracts of the piglets (such as lactic acid bacteria)Some substances in the ABG Bio Enhancer is able to attach to the surface of the gastrointestinal tracts in pigs, fighting against the spread of bacteria.

Swine odour will reduce the productivity of pig farmers

The odour problem within pig sties has been an important factor affecting the health and productivity of pigs. In the recent years, due to the rising awareness of the public towards environmental protection, and the emphasis on the requirements for quality environment and life, the pig odour problem has become the target of public attack. States are now setting up pig management standards and practices to curb the pollution caused by pig farmers, tightening the odour control on pig farmers.

The problem of odour smell in pig sties is not only an environmental pollution problem, but it also causes low productivity problems to the pig farmers.

This is due to the fact that a slight amount of ammonia odor in pig sties will lower the overall performance of the pigs, and will increase the number of pig diseases like pneumonia, pleurisy, arthritis, porcine stress syndrome, increase the incidents of abscess, and etc.

According to studies, pig’s respiratory diseases could delay the slaughter of pigs for 20 days. It is reported that the slightest pneumonia caused to pigs would increase the cost of pig farming to the farmers resulting in a loss of 10% in pigs weight gain . Even if the long-term exposure to Harmonia ammonia odour is only for 10ppm, it will also cause substantial loss to the productivity of pigs and their health status

Experiment shows ABG Bio Enhancer can reduce the odour of ammonia

1. To reduce the volatile ammonia in pig sty by 63%.
2. To reduce the overall smell in pig sty by 58%.
3. To reduce 28% of the carbon dioxide in pig sty.
4. To improve the pig excretion ratio of phosphorus and nitrogen.
5. Manure analysis result showed that that manure had smaller particles and lesser odour, signifying a more complete digestion of feed.
6. Pig urine analysis also showed that the urine colour was clearer, and contained less smell.
7. hydrogen sulfide (corrupted egg smell) found in the pig waste was also reduced.
8. To increase the average daily weight gain rate.
9. To improve the feed conversion rate of pork.
10. To reduce overall mortality rate of pigs.
11. To prevent gastrointestinal disease of excessive water loss in pigs.
12. To reduce the cost of veterinary treatment of pigs.
13. To enhance the ability of pigs to absorb minerals and trace elements contained in the feed.
14. To significantly reduce the toxicity of gas and odor.
15. To lower percentage of solid ingredients in pigs waste.
16. To reduce the number of flies inside the sty.
17. To reduce the number and frequency of insecticide spraying.

In summary, the use of ABG Bio Enhancer can serve multiples purposes as it is not only environmentally friendly, but is also an inexpensive organic way to reduce the problems caused by odor and hydrogen sulfide in pig sties.

Pig Anaemia

Iron minerals can be supplemented into pig feed in order to prevent anemia due to the absence of red blood cells. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, which can help combining the iron atoms and oxygen, transporting them from the lungs to the body cells and tissues of the pig. The presence of adequate amount of iron in pig feed is essential to the manufacture of hemoglobin in vivo as iron deficiency will cause anemia, it is very common for iron deficiency to cause piglets to suffer from anemia and growth delay, and in some serious cases in can cause death.

By adding about 80 ppm of iron in pig feed, which ABG Bio Enhancer feed additive by itself has already contained 5550ppm of iron and other minerals and trace elements, is sufficient to meet the pigs’ demand for iron. A piglet which is undergoing lactation period has only 1 ppm of iron in its body, whereas a newborn piglet has lesser iron than that and what is worse, the iron has already been incorporated into hemoglobin, explaining the reason why in an environment when a piglet cannot directly obtain iron directly from the soil, it is more vulnerable to iron-deficient anemia disease.

There is a research on whether by adding the ABG Bio Enhancer into pig feed will affect the pigs’ immune system and health. In this experiment they were studying the comparative distinction between feed which consist of ABG Bio Enhancer as a feed additive that contains natural organic iron and minerals, and feed which consists of normal corn and soybean.

The experiment is carried out into two phases by two experimental groups each of which has 192 pigs, the first phase starts from birth to weaning (21 days), whereas the second phase commences from weaning till slaughter age, the experimental group will be fed 0.5% ABG Bio Enhancer feed additive which has organic iron, whereas the control group maintains its original traditional feed. The method for measuring the immunity strength is by counting the total white blood cells, red blood cells and hemoglobin and etc at the close of weaning age for first phase, and for second phase at the end of slaughter age.

The end result shows that the white cell blood count of those pigs that have taken the ABG Bio Enhancer with iron has increased by 48%, the red blood cells of the newly-birth piglets are also higher than the control group, though the overall difference in terms of the immunity effect is not significant, the overall death rate of the experimental group is lower than the control group. This shows that the pig feed which has been supplemented with the ABG Bio Enhancer and iron has bestowed higher nutritional characteristics on the pigs, enabling the stimulation of white blood cells activity, which are less likely to be infected with virus, thus reducing the incidence of sickness, and increasing body resistance of pigs against diseases, thereby reducing the overall mortality rate of pigs.

By feeding the ABG Bio Enhancer to pregnant sows, it is discovered that the haemoglobin count of such sows is much higher than the sows fed with iron supplements and normal feed. Besides, the pregnant sows which have consumed ABG Bio Enhancer do not reject the absorption of iron, unlike other normal pregnant sows which demonstrate unfit phenomenon after consuming iron.

The replacement for the traditional use of antibiotics

ABG Bio Enhancer is a natural pig growth accelerant, capable of replacing the use of antibiotics, promoting metabolism, and regulating the pigs’ development functions; the traditional usage of antibiotics on pigs has caused a lot of negative consequences. The current trend of the science community is to look for a new substitute for growth accelerant which does not cause environmental pollution and residues problems, countries have also started to impose legislative restrictions on the use of antibiotics in animal feed additive. In 1998 the European Union began restricting the use of antibiotics in human medicine and as animal growth promoters. Currently the use of antibiotics is still very uncontrollably rampant, according to statistics, there are now 80% of the world’s antibiotics which are not used to treat sick animals, but used instead as growth accelerant for chickens, cattle and pigs.

By replacing ABG Bio Enhancer additive with antibiotics as an accelerant for pig growth will not cause adverse effect on the overall performance of a pig. The various performance indicators to gauge a pig’s overall performance such as live weigh gain, daily feed intake, feed conversion rate, excreta consistency, and digestion assessment report have recorded significant improvement. Due to the Improvement in feed conversion rate and the pigs’ enhanced digestion and absorption of nitrogen, the content of nitrogen and the odor caused by ammonia in pig excrement have also been accordingly reduced. The use of ABG Bio Enhancer feed additive as a growth accelerant for chickens and pigs, is thus a recommendable substitute for antibiotics.

The most significant effect in the use of ABG Bio Enhancer in pig feed is the enhancement of the pigs’ overall immune system; ABG Bio Enhancer can greatly reduce the diarrhea problems in pigs caused by their digestive and intestinal systems, and also improve the pigs’ ability to inhibit pathogens within their bodies such as enterovirus. ABG Bio Enhancer is a natural biological substance, using it as a pig feed additive, can avoid any residues and microbial resistance caused by the use of antibiotics, and it is also able to replace the traditional use of antibiotics, meeting the demands for a healthy and organic environment.

Yellow scour, white scour, leaner meat, odour-free, reduced flies

Adding ABG Bio Enhancer into the diets of piglets is an effective preventive method to deal with white scour in piglets, not only will piglets gain weight faster, their meat mill also become leaner, their lines are better, and their meat will taste much delicious. Research displays that pigs nurtured by ABG Bio Enhancer produce healthier and heavier piglets. Pig farmers have long noticed that pigs fed with ABG Bio Enhancer record rapid increase in weight gain, and produce much thinner, fresher and tenderer meat, as well as secrete lesser solid waste and foul smell of Harmonia ammonia, and at the same time help reduce the number of flies in pig sties. Experiment also proves that ABG Bio Enhancer is a feed additive which can promote the growing of lean meat.

Foot and mouth disease, hypercholesterolemia, anemia, hepatitis, peptic ulcer

It has long been recorded and academically acknowledged that humic acid has the function of preventing pigs’ respiratory tract infection (catching cold). Humic acid extracted from ABG Bio Enhancer has often been used by the American veterinarians quite successfully, as one of the methods for treatment and prevention for pigs against foot and mouth disease. The use of ABG Bio Enhancer in itself from the perspective of pharmacology does not cause adverse biological reactions, and it is widely used in pigs to prevent anemia, toxic hepatitis, peptic ulcer, and high cholesterol.

Prevention of avian influenza virus

A recent pandemic virus which used to specifically only infest chickens, also known as bird flu has been infectious towards pigs, although the chance of pigs getting infected is low and it occurs mostly during the cold winter season, but once an infection has taken place it will cause high mortality rate among pigs, and it is difficult to prevent the virus from transmitting to other healthy and normal pigs. It is suggested that pig farmers in the industry can take advantage of humic acid to prevent avian flu infection in pigs as humid acid has the effect of coating a layer of anti-oxidants on the virus, thus able to prevent the virus from spreading to in-vivo cells of the pigs.


For piglets for the period from weaning (21 days) till the age 20-kg, 2 kg of ABG Bio Enhancer additive is added to each tonne of feed; whereas for piglets weighing 20-kg and above and those slaughter-age pigs, 2.5 kg ABG Bio Enhancer additive is added to each tonne of feed.

Can only be used as additive: ABG Bio Enhancer can only be used as a natural feed additive, and cannot be used as a sole animal feed

Does not contain animal protein : As a 100% natural product, ABG Bio Enhancer does not contain animal protein

Storage: Please store in a cool dry place not reachable by sunlight

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